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How Can a Speech Language Pathologist Help My Child?

By, Allyson Mahoney, MS, CCC/SLP

May is Better Speech and Hearing Month! 

As a speech-language pathologist (or speech therapist as most parents know us), I know first-hand the impact that improving speech and language skills has on communication, behavior and literacy skills. Difficulty speaking is frustrating!  And since it is through language that we make our wants and needs known, it is an essential skill to support and nurture in childhood.  Research supports that early intervention is best.  High quality early intervention services can change a child’s developmental trajectory and improve outcomes for children.

What types of speech and language disorders affect school-age children?

The most common issues are:

Speech sound disorders - is your child hard to understand?

Language disorders - difficulty understanding what they hear and/or expressing themselves

Cognitive-communication disorders – issues with attention, memory, organization, problem solving/reasoning, and executive functions.

Stuttering (fluency) disorders   

How may a speech-language disorder affect school performance?

Delayed language development may lead to difficulty in learning to listen, speak, read, write and participate in social communication. Students with articulation (speech sound production) difficulty may become self-conscious of their speech in school or they may have difficulty sounding out words when learning to decode text.  Students with language disorders may have difficulty learning new concepts, using concise language and proper grammar, following directions and retaining novel information.  If you suspect your child is delayed, seek the advice of a licensed speech-language pathologist.

Allyson Mahoney, MS, CCC/SLP is the Director of Bram Speech and Language Consultants.  Allyson has presented to parents and educators throughout the US and Canada on evidence-based practices.  Allyson and her associates provide speech-language therapy to children in lower Fairfield County, CT.   

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