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Online Activities and Resources: Virtual zoo tours, museum tours, free classes, and more!

Depending on where you're located, the weather may be keeping your kids inside more than out during the COVID-19 crisis. Fortunately, there are many educational opportunities online that are helping children to experience different places from the comfort of their own home. See below for links to virtual zoo and museum tours, musicals, exercise, and free classes!

Virtual Tours San Diego Zoo: Yellowstone National Park: Mars: Great Wall of China: Appalachian Trail: National Parks Virtual Tours: Live Cameras San Diego Zoo Live Cameras: Monterey Bay Aquarium: Panda Cam: Houston Zoo: Georgia Aquarium: Museums British Museum, London: Guggenheim Museum, NY: National Gallery of Art, Washington DC: Musee d’Orsay, Paris: National Mueum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul: Pergamon Museum, Berlin: Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam: The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles: Uffizi Gallery, Florence: MSAP, Sao Paulo: Open Heritage Sites from Around the world: Blarney Castle and Gardens: Other Entertainment: Musicals you can watch at home: Ballet Nova Center: Home Exercise; Only do exercises according to your ability level. Bodyweight exercises: Pushups, sit-ups, squats, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, burpees. Just Dance 3: Yoga/Meditation Free Yoga Programs: Guided Imagery: How to Meditate: Meditation for Anxiety: Google play or apple apps: Headspace Mindfulness coach Free Online Courses One month free trial: Reading New York City Library, free digital books- Free Audio Books Free Public Domain Books Your local library has digital books and audio books to check out Resources for Kids Suessville: Fun Brain: Storyline Online: Fun Science Experiments: Just Dance 3:

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