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How do I pick the right books for my baby or toddler?

From the beautiful classics like 'Blueberries for Sal' by, Robert McCloskey to more current books like 'When Sadness is At Your Door' by, Eva Eland, it can be overwhelming to pick books for your children. I'll share what I look for when picking books and I'd love to hear your favorites, too.

For our littlest babies, high contrast black and white books are mesmerizing for them. I recommend 'Black and White' by Tana Hoban, and 'How to Be a Cat' by Niki McClure. 'You Are Light' by, Aaron Becker is a sweet board book for introducing colors, too.

We all know that babies and toddlers like to move around and have short attention spans, so I look for books that allow for some interaction like touch. The 'Poke A Dot' books by Melissa and Doug allow little ones to press on dots that make a pop sound on each page. It is perfect for incorporating counting into reading and gives little fingers something to do while listening to a story. Flap books are lots of fun too and our favorites have felt flaps that are easy for little hands, 'Where's the Giraffe' and 'Where's the Unicorn?' by Ingela Arrhenius are short, sweet, and easy to manipulate. '5 Wild Numbers' by Bella Gomez is another fun interactive book that allows kids to trace the numbers with their fingers and incorporate some math into reading.

Repetition and Rhyme is important for building phonological awareness, a key ingredient for reading success. Some of my favorites in this category include 'Sheep in a Shop' and 'Sheep in a Jeep' by, Nancy E. Shaw. Silly Sally by, Audrey Wood and 'Jesse Bear, What Will you Wear?' by, Nancy White Carlstrom are fun rhyming books as well. Basically any book with rhyme will help build phonological awareness, so pick your favorites!

There are so many amazing books to choose from, the most important thing to remember is to keep reading fun and let your child take the lead.

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